What Christmas Break???

For most college students Christmas/Winter Break is a time to relax, hang out with family and friends, catch up on sleep and of course NOT think about the next semester! For this college and Nursing student the opposite couldn’t be more true. While I have been catching up on sleep and Netflix I have also been setting goals, preparing my books and materials, obtaining my reading assignments, and researching NCLEX prep courses. Plus of course planning my upcoming spring break trip to the HK bar for some serious Horse Therapy! Anyways for me I don’t get much of a break.. It is a break from lectures, note taking, and clinical expirences, but for me the break is also used to organize my thoughts and plan out the semester ahead. It’s a time to set my goals, get more supplies (anyone else use up a ton of sticky notes and tabs??) and get a head start on assignments, readings, and NCLEX prep. A well prepared semester for me leads to a stress free, straight A semester!! Happy Break Everyone!!  

My ottoman turned book/study stash! 


The Hippy Dippy Chick 


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