Coming Back: A fitness Journey 

Yep so here it is… Something I’ve been putting off… Getting back on the fitness track. Weight gain and lack of energy are not very befitting of a queen or in the case of my fellow blogger over on the HK Bar cat woman we have both decided to take the reins and steer ourselves in a new healthier direction. Her journey is beginning with a taco salad check her adventures out here ( ) and mine is drinking half my body weight in oz of water every day (at least until after I go grocery shopping then I will get back to my former healthy habits! Good thing I love lettuce and and all other things healthy. I’m really not 100% sure why I ever got off track or what happened but here’s to starting over…. Princess body here I come.. Or maybe I want to be a mermaid… How about just a really fit hippy dippy queen… Yeah that sounds about right! Stay tuned for more adventures of the hippy dippy chick and cat woman…err cowgirl uhh woman extraordinaire? Idk check out her blog and decided for yourself!

Till next time,


The hippy dippy chick!

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