Christmas Traditions, First Snowfall, and how I went full Lorealie Gilmore! 

It’s getting closer to Christmas! While I’m excited to all celebrate Yule (winter solstice) this year as well I still enjoy the few (okay only) Christmas tradition me and the hubby have established so far! Every year we go out to eat a local diner and drive around listening to Christmas Music and look at all the lights!! It’s something we have done since we we started dating! I will come back to this…Now on the first snowfall….

Today (okay tonight) we finally started to get snow!! I love snow!! Me and snow we’re best friends and I sort of go a little crazy with the first snowfall every year! Normally I go outside and stand in it and twirl in circles and just act like a crazy person (okay so I’m not a total crazy person but there is def some crazy).. This year however I didn’t do that because well it’s cold. I hate the cold the cold sucks! Mostly because I have hypothyroidism and it makes the cold so much worse! Anyways back to the snow! The snow tonight was the perfect giant size flakes falling gently, but quickly. It’s a heavy cover the ground in minutes kind of snow… The best snow! (Okay all snow is the best snow but this is like the Ultimate snow)…. Okay now how all of this rambling plays together and I sort of went a little Lorealie Gilmore! (Although that’s not really a bad thing in my book)

How traditions collided tonight! 

So tonight me and the hubby decided would be the lights tour night but with tighter finances we did things different (the snow also had me all crazy hyped up and ready to go Christmas overboard) so we fixed our favorite go to dinner (meatball dump and bake…yes the same one that I burned a few weeks ago) and we heated up the ol Blazer and I made us big mugs of hot chocolate and we hit the road with Christmas music and the perfect snowfall! It was the best lights tour we’ve had together yet! We saw all the good houses and even some new ones! It’s was the perfect, cheap wintertime date! And of course snow made me do it! Snow is a magician who makes the whole world a quiet and peaceful place of beauty and serenity!

Okay that’s all for now!!! 

Till Next Time:

XoXo The Hippy Dippy Chick 

  All ready to go!  Main Street all light up with the snow! 

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