Follow up: Wife Status and the Permenant Roommate 

So yesterday I talked about losing my Wife Status and returning to my role as just the roommate. Well here is the backstory to why we  do/say this. Back before we got married I would tease my now husband about how we were never going to end up married (we had been together for about 3-4 years at this point) we would just become Permenant Roomates all the benefits without the hassle (if you knew his family you would also know that this would be a HUGE no-no) but every once in awhile I would do something like make a fancy dinner or make him a yummy dessert and he would joke… Hmm maybe I should upgrade you to wife status? Thus the beginning of Wife Status! It’s been around for the past 4 years of our relationship and isn’t going anywhere. It keeps things light and funny (plus we have added Husband Status so it’s even) and it keeps us going. On March 3 we will have been together 8 whole years!!! We were high school sweethearts and even went to the same college for awhile. We are currently in our second year of marriage (it was 2 years in August so I guess really we are working on year three) and it’s been nothing but a crazy amazing ride! He is my everything and for the most party I am his (some days I joke he loves his Jeep more). Our marriage is built on humor and fun without it we would suffer (okay it’s built on more than that but nobody wants to read all the cheesy tid-bits) we love to laugh and it always shows when we are around each other! 

Till Next Time,

The Hippy Dippy Chick


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