Slipper Socks and Hardwood Floors

 So many of you may or may not know me that well and that’s okay. Today I’m going to explain something about me and it starts with the importance of slipper socks! Yes slipper socks! Those lovely socks that have the stickies on the bottom that keep you from sliding and falling and breaking a hip! That’s what I’m talking about! The same ones that we get grandma who lives in a nursing home? Yep!! They are just as important to 24 year old me! Now on to they why…

My Pink and Green Slippers

 So first a little background on me. I’m a klutz!! Not just a bumps into things, always has the dropsies kind of klutz. I’m the falls up stairs, chokes on air, sprains an ankle walking across a flat surface bare foot kind of klutzy! So with that little tid bit out of the way let’s talk about why Miss 24 year old needs them as much as Granny. Well in my lovely old house we have hardwood floors.. They are old and original and I love them… I also love fuzzy socks. You know the ones they come in crazy prints and have zero traction…. Yep those are the ones and Hardwood floors + Fuzzy Socks + Major Klutz = perfect recipe for disaster and injury! So enter slipper socks! To prevent injury to both me and the house I wear them! I found the cute ones I have on above at Big Lots last winter! Hope you enjoyed reading about slipper socks and getting a little bit more background on me! Till next time
The Hippy Dippy Nursing Chick 

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