Pantyhose and Pencil Skirts

So today was a “dress-up” day for school. We were attending a presentation at another school and were required to wear professional clothes!! I LOVE these days!! So for those of you who know me, also know of my love for sweat pants and cowboy boots (hey don’t judge me) for those of you who don’t stalk me on Pinterest will be interested that I sort of have this uber professional, skirt wearing, high heel loving alter ego! That’s right I love my control top pantyhose, pencil skirts, and high heels! It’s a huge confidence booster for me!! I love the boost I get from dressing Professional!!! So what’s your favorite confidence booster?? Is it high heels and pencil skirts or is it sweat pants and cowboy boots?? I would love to know! Till next time….

Hippy Dippy Nusing Chick

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