Sunday Night Shenanigans 

Well I know I posted once today already but that was just an intro and it doesn’t count! So here we are Sunday night. The night before everything goes back to normal with school for me and work for my husband. It started off as a normal calm, chill, evening until 9:30 rolled  around… That’s when the crazy ensued. The dogs decided after a day of napping and stealing treats that it’s play time and play time usually involves running circles around the house. Turning my living room into a race track and jungle gym. Tonight however was a bit different. My Huband got down and played with them. Giving them lots of love and scratches. It’s nights like this that reminds about the kind side of my husband that doesn’t always show. His unwavering love for his family tends to show randomly but it’s always there. He usually keeps quite and just smiles at the madness but every once in awhile he joins in. Reminding me that he really is just a fun loving family guy.  


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