My Hippy Dippy Life

Welcome to my Hippy Dippy Life. I’m a nursing student, wife, dog mom, crazy crafting, mad gardening, DIY loving,pinterest addicted hippy dippy chick. I love everything and dislike almost nothing. I do everything with passion and a determination that sometimes wears me out. I live everyday as a gift (at least I think I do). I love my husband (even when he tries my nerves), my dogs are my children, and I tend to give a little piece of myself to everyone I meet. This is my journey, or my life as you might see it. It’s a growing document of my adventures and my crafts, of my challenges and my successes,of my thoughts, goals and dreams. This is my Hippy Dippy Life. Be sure to stay tuned for the adventures, crafts, tips, tricks, and other shenanigans that comes this way.


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  1. heathermstaley2014 says:

    Congratulations on starting your blogging journey! Hold on its a beautiful ride!


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